One Family.
Three Distinct Brands.

The Kellerman family has been a leading funeral vehicle manufacturer for nearly 40 years. Our time-tested engineering and manufacturing practices have always yielded the highest trade-in values and weight-compliant vehicles that are backed by OEM comprehensive warranties and meet or exceed all US Federal Vehicle Motor Safety Standards.

With dozens of craftsmen who have spent their careers perfecting the art of building a hearse, our employees take heart in what they do. All their skill and knowledge come together to create the best made hearse, limousines and first-call vehicles in the industry.

The Kellermans are honored to work with a network of dealers and funeral homes that serve their communities. It’s a legacy we are proud to share.

Lisa Kellerman



MK Coach continues Mike Kellerman’s legacy of design and manufacturing innovation. If the MK Coach family crest is on the vehicle, then you can be certain that Mike Kellerman quality is in the vehicle.




Every Platinum hearse and limousine is designed to make that final statement. There are no exceptions to the rule! We strive to craft, detail and deliver the highest-quality professional car on the market. Each Platinum product is tailored to fit you!




SUVs and vans from a variety of manufacturers serve as versatile first-call and hearse products for the funeral industry. Every K2 model is converted to serve your funeral home’s specific needs.